Elder Law Advocacy - San Diego & Imperial Counties

Elder Law & Advocacy is a caring group of experienced professional staff and trained volunteers who are dedicated to serving seniors in both San Diego and Imperial Counties.

We provide civil legal services in subject areas concerning seniors, Medicare and Medicare related counseling and advocacy, referrals to community senior service providers and many other services. The majority of services are free to qualifying seniors.

(858) 565-1392
Office Hours: 
Main Address: 5151 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 110 San Diego, CA 92123 Phone: (858) 565-1392 Fax: (858) 565-1394 Imperial County: 939 W. Main Street, Box #19 2nd Floor El Centro, CA 92243 Phone: (760) 353-0223 Fax: (760) 353-3276
5151 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite 110

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