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Needing to stimulate the economy back to normal with a new "false sense of security," Washington analysts are debating which "bubble" to use.
L.A. police warn residents of a rental scam involving foreclosed properties. Police said the scam artists would pose as property owners, and then collect cash in exchange for a promise to rent homes to victims.
"As the financial services industry awaits final language in the federal reform bill, housing advocates are wondering if tenant protections will be extended by the legislation. The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009, mandates that renters be given 90 days notice before they must leave a property, and in many cases, provides that they may remain for the entire term of the lease."
Chicago organizations work to inform area renters how to assert their rights against banks trying to evict them following a landlord foreclosure.
2013 developments on state legislation relating to renters' rights.
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Assemblymember Hancock's bill would have strengthened protections for tenants against utility shutoffs in foreclosure situations.
East Palo Alto's biggest landlord, Page Mill Properties, suffered a legal setback Tuesday when a San Mateo County judge granted an injunction barring it from raising rents at its properties. Tenants claim Page Mill has set up sham companies to exploit an exemption to rent control for small property owners.
"A new law offers a stark choice for South Florida condo renters living in units owned by people who are behind on their maintenance fees: Fork over the rent money to the association, or face eviction."
On February 18, 2014, renters and allies united in Sacramento for a march on the Capitol to demand a fair shake for California renters.
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SB 1137 increases notice period from 30 to 60 days for tenants in foreclosures.
This post on Progress Illinois discusses a "State of Chicago Renters" report and federal housing policies that could help alleviate problems facing renters in Chicago and across the country.
Voice of San Diego writes about the rights of tenants in foreclosure, citing a Q&A with Tenants Together Program Coordinator, Gabe Treves.
Massachusetts law firm is accused of sending unlawful eviction notices to tenants, in violation of a state law intended to keep tenants in their homes.
An Illinois sheriff orders his deputies to stop evicting tenants from foreclosed properties, declaring "we will no longer be party to something that's so unjust."
San Francisco Board of Supervisors President David Chiu introduced legislation Tuesday that would make it more difficult to use the Ellis Act to evict tenants and then build a car garage.
The City of Paris cracks down on illegal short-term rentals in an attempt to ensure that housing in Paris is made available for the city's tenants.
The St. Paul, MN, neighborhood is 55 percent rentals.

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