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Page Mill Properties has handed over records of rent increases to the city of about 2,200 rent increases it imposed on its tenants over the past year. The city alleges that the rent increases are illegal.
A new student housing development in San Luis Obispo may cause local rents to decrease.
  • San Luis Obispo
This San Diego Business Journal article looks at the possible effects of foreclosures on the San Diego rental market.
  • San Diego
  • San Diego
This piece is about a group of tenants in one Sacramento area community who have been paying rent to the same Modesto-based landlord. Despite collecting the tenants' rental payments, the landlord never made a single mortgage payment.
  • Sacramento
September 12, 2008
This Daily Journal article discusses the efforts of L.A. Healthy Homes Collaborative to get the city of Los Angeles to enforce protections of tenants from lead-based paint poisoning.
September 11, 2008
A Sacramento area man, who defaulted on his rent and was about to be evicted from his rented condo, succeeded in conning several unsuspecting renters when he listed the property on Craigslist and collected security deposits from them.
A judge has denied Page Mill's request to seal records dealing with rent increases it has imposed on over 1,700 units in East Palo Alto.
  • San Mateo
A Live Oak, Santa Cruz, mobile home park owner had his permit to operate the park revoked after ignoring notices to fix dangerous wiring for more than two years.
  • Santa Cruz
This article covers the ordeal of tenants of one building in Bakersfield in getting their landlord to make repairs he has been ordered to make by Bakersfield Code Enforcement.
This Visalia Times Delta article covers the plight of Visalia mobile homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage and rising rents on the land their homes sit on.
September 3, 2008
Mobile park residents in Visalia are organizing to pass a rent control ordinance in 2010.
The California state Assembly voted to approve AB 2586, a bill that assists tenants in foreclosure. The bill is now in front of the Governor.
The Visalia Times Delta looks at the effects of foreclosures on local tenants.
Seventy-five percent of military families are renters, according to Pentagon and Army officials. Homeownership remains an elusive dream for most military families.
August 27, 2008
The Western Center reports on its court victory requiring relocation assistance to low-income tenants of the Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles
This New York Daily News article gives tips to renters on avoiding rental fraud, including recent scams that utilize empty foreclosed homes.
This LA Times article looks at the impact of foreclosures on Section 8 renters.
  • Riverside
Tenants of a Santa Monica building that was previously a long-term residence of Santa Monica's former Mayor, Clo Hoover, are organizing to have the building designated as a historical landmark, thereby escaping Ellis Acts evictions.
  • Los Angeles
A Ventura County landlord is facing prosecution for the condition of her rental properties, which she rents out to farmworkers.
  • Ventura
This Daily News article is about a group of New York tenants organizing against their landlord after she attempted to impose illegal rent increases and to illegally evict tenants in her building.

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