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August 4, 2008
The residents of East Palo Alto continue their struggle against Page Mill Properties, which is displacing more and more tenants by enforcing a third round of illegal rent increases.
  • Santa Clara
A new study conducted by ECHO, the Eden Council for Hope and Opportunity, concluded that in 32 out of 101 cases, East Bay landlords discriminated against racial minorities in the rental process.
  • Contra Costa
  • Alameda
August 2, 2008
A Delaware landlord drove his Hummer into the rental property he owns because he was upset with the tenants for being behind on their rent.
One Merced woman struggles with being a renter in a foreclosed apartment building.
  • Merced
NPR's All Things Considered looks at the new housing bill and what it does for affordable housing.
  • Los Angeles
A new HUD study concluded that homeless nationwide had decreased over the past two years, but this is not the case in Ventura County.
  • Ventura
Homeless advocates in Whittier are seeing a rise in homelessness from people who lost their homes in foreclosures and cannot afford rents.
  • Los Angeles
July 31, 2008
This Fresno Bee article describes how an entire neighborhood of renters in Visalia is disappearing as a result foreclosures. Two tenants in one of the foreclosed rental properties have also been laid off from their jobs-one by a construction company, the other by a bank.
It's inspiring to see what's happening in the community of East Palo Alto right now. This rent control city is under attack by a predatory real estate investor but the people are fighting back and they're proving they have the solidarity, ingenuity, skills and determination to win.
  • San Francisco
According to this article, the term "boycott" originated in Ireland when laborers and merchants protested Charles Boycott's evictions of tenants who had complained that their rent was too high.
  • San Diego
This Palo Alto Daily News article covers the class action lawsuit filed by tenants against Page Mill Properties, alleging that the rent hikes Page Mill is implementing are illegal.
  • Santa Clara
Randy Shaw discusses a new National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) that is a part of the new housing bill and that would guarantee annual funding for the construction of affordable housing.
  • San Francisco
Renters are being defrauded in schemes involving vacant foreclosed properties and scam artists posing as landlords.
As a new Illinois Senator, Barack Obama cast one of the six "no" votes against a piece of legislation that would have prohibited local jurisdictions from passing local rent control ordinances.
  • San Francisco
Yesterday, we filed a complaint with the California Attorney General regarding the practices of a new tenant blacklisting website, and its owner, Bluechip Group LLC. refers to itself as "the National Tenant Reporting Company." The site offers its "members" (anyone who pays the annual fee of $29.99) access to what it calls its "bad tenant database". The site allows any website visitor, whether a "member" or not, to make "free unlimited bad tenant postings without login."
Today's New York Times features a front page article on homeowners who rent rooms in their home to tenants as a way to defray rising housing costs in the current economy. The article discusses organizations in California, New Jersey and Vermont that specialize in matching owners and tenants in home sharing arrangements.
According to this New York Times article, more and more homeowners are renting out parts of their homes in attempts to avoid foreclosures.
Developers who planned to build condos in the Riverside area in Southern California are changing their plans and building apartments instead. This is due to the inability to sell the condos at a profit because there are too many competing single-family foreclosed homes.
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino

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