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Tenants of a Chino mobile home park who cannot afford to buy the land their homes sit on may be facing eviction.
  • Riverside
Tenants of a Santa Monica apartment complex owned by a religious non-profit organization, Or Khaim Hashalom, won the right to stay in their homes for the next seven years. The tenants alleged that Or Khaim Hashalom intended to illegally evict them in order to rent the units to Jewish refugees from the Middle East.
  • Los Angeles
Oakland city officials call on EMBUD and PG&E to wait 120 days before shutting off utilities in renter-occupied homes that have gone through a foreclosure.
  • Contra Costa
The New York Times reports on a long tradition of an informal moratorium on evictions by the city marshals.
Tenants of a 45-unit condominium complex in Cloverdale might be facing eviction due to foreclosure.
  • Napa
  • Sonoma
The San Francisco Chronicle reports on the SF City Assessor's efforts to protect tenants from illegal evictions after foreclosure.
  • San Francisco
On Monday, December 15th a delegation from Tenants Together and East Palo Alto traveled to Sacramento to address the CalPERS Board of Administration raising the urgent issue of Page Mills Properties' deplorable conduct as a landlord in the city of East Palo Alto.
KCBS reports on San Francisco's efforts to protect tenants from eviction after a foreclosure.
  • San Francisco
December 17, 2008
ABC 7 reports on the the San Francisco City Assessor's, Phil Ting's, efforts to help tenants affected by foreclosure.
  • San Francisco
The Palo Alto Daily News reports on the passing of a resolution by the East Palo Alto City Council. The resolution calls on CalPERS to stop Page Mill Properties predatory real estate practices in East Palo Alto.
  • San Mateo
Palo Alto online reports on a resolution passed by the East Palo Alto City Council calling on CalPERS to stop the predatory real estate practices of Page Mill Properties.
  • San Mateo
CBS 5 reports on San Francisco's efforts to protect tenants in foreclosed properties.
  • San Francisco
KGO reports on San Francisco's efforts to keep tenants in their homes in foreclosure situations.
  • San Francisco
KTVU reports on San Francisco's efforts to keep tenants in their homes after foreclosures.
  • San Francisco
A group of convicted sex offenders may be evicted as a result of a bounced government check.
A Salinas family is living in a motel after an eviction from their East-Salinas apartment. The family is having a hard time finding a new place to live because the parents are currently unemployed.
  • Monterey
Fannie Mae announced that it will allow renters to remain in foreclosed on properties and that it would be signing new month-to-month rental agreements with the tenants.
President Elect Obama has nominated the current New York City housing commissioner, Shaun Donovan, to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Affordable housing advocates are encouraged by the pick.
Rhode Island Groups tenants' advocates have organized to begin blockading tenant-occupied foreclosed homes to help protect renters from eviction.

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