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The Ventura County Star reports that it is a 'renter's market' in California.
  • Ventura
July 14, 2009
The New York Times looks at the problem of residential buildings bought at the peak of the housing boom. Many owners of these buildings are not making necessary and required repairs.
The San Francisco Bay Guardian examines the Mayor's veto of the Renter Relief Package.
  • San Francisco
In some areas, apartment associations are promoting renting by advising potential home buyers about the costs of home ownership.
The city of Richmond in Contra Costa county will require multi-unit housing to go smoke-free by Jan. 1, 2011.
  • Contra Costa
Tenants of a a Southern California apartment complex are facing eviction because the owner has stopped paying utility bills and maintaining the property.
  • San Bernardino
Sarah Shortt of San Francisco's Housing Rights Committee critiques LA Times' and San Francisco's Chronicle's coverage of renter protections passed by SF's supervisors.
  • San Francisco
This wall street journal blog post offers tips on negotiating reduced rental rates.
The Santa Barbara Independent covers the Rental Housing Roundtable's kick-off campaign rally.
  • Santa Barbara
A San Francisco Chronicle blog posts on the scam by James McConville, which left tenants across the state facing eviction.
A Santa Barbara coalition of community organizations, the Rental Housing Roundtable, has organized a rally for renters' rights in Santa Barbara.
  • Santa Barbara
A group of San Francisco's Chinatown tenants have fought an eviction with the help of the San Francisco Community Land Trust.
  • San Francisco
Bay Area's ABC 7 reports on James McConville's condo investment scheme.
Ed Koch and Robert Weiner call on Congress to protect renters increase availability of affordable housing.
The city of Oakland settled a suit with banks and real estate agents who were accused of illegal conduct against renters after foreclosures.
  • Alameda
Rachel Myrow of KQED radio reports on how the foreclosure crisis is affecting tenants. Included is an interview with our Director Dean Preston.
Online San Francisco newspaper reports on allegations of a practice by CitiApartments of illegally withholding tenants' security deposits.
  • San Francisco
June 30, 2009
A Housing Court judge in New York dismisses a landlord's petition finding that a tenant's home was her primary residence despite her not personally meeting the 180-day-in-the-apartment-annually test.
A San Diego housing developer, the Amerland Group, has been accused of various criminal conduct against its low-income tenants.
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • San Diego
June 26, 2009
Tenants in the city of Ridgecrest, California are rising up and organizing to face a serious housing crisis triggered by a statewide real estate scam. We've been most fortunate at Tenants Together to have the opportunity to work with these inspiring tenants who have stood up for their rights, are working to form a new tenants association, and are pushing for local legislation that will help renters keep their homes -- renters who face eviction due to no fault of their own.

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