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A justice in State Supreme Court has upheld the legality of New York City’s tenant anti-harassment law, which for the first time gave renters the right to sue their landlords in Housing Court for using threats or other disruptive tactics to try to force them out.
Apartment dwellers in many of the 16 four-plexes on Mobley Lane in Hemet say they're being evicted as some of the property owners are being foreclosed on.
  • Riverside
At a Eureka City Council meeting landlords voiced their concerns about a proposed ordinance that aims to improve the city's rental housing conditions by enabling staff to better implement existing codes.
  • Humboldt
August 5, 2009
San Francisco tenant lawyer and blogger discusses a landlord's implied warranty of habitability.
Mark A. Calabria of the Libertarian think tank, the Cato Institute, argues that banks should be allowed to enter into long term leases with tenants to "reduce both the unnecessary eviction of renters and foreclosures on rental properties."
In Eureka, creators of the rental housing inspection program have revised the ordinance and will be bringing it before the City Council this week.
  • Humboldt
Deborah Brasket, Executive Director of the Santa Barbara County Action Network, argues that Santa Barbara County needs a rent control ordinance to regulate conversions of mobile-home parks to resident ownership.
  • Santa Barbara
In this installment of Project Sentinel's "Rent Watch" Q and A, a tenant asks if a landlord can require payment online instead of by check.
The City of Temecula, in a project with a nonprofit affordable housing developer, may acquire a bank-owned housing development to build affordable rental housing.
  • Riverside
Washington Post "Housing Counsel" columnist discusses a proposal to let homeowners in foreclosure remain in their homes as renters, an idea that is gaining increased attention in Congress.
A growing segment of renters in Long Beach and nationwide are being forced out of housing because of evictions and property disputes to which they are not parties.
  • Orange
10News reports that many renters across San Diego County are getting eviction notices because their landlords are upside down on their loans.
  • San Diego
  • San Diego
Lawyers in a lawsuit against San Francisco landlord, CitiApartments, believe that the company may be siphoning money to various subsidiaries in an effort to avoid returning deposits.
  • San Francisco
Rental security deposits held by one of San Francisco's largest residential landlords were funneled into an array of bank accounts and plundered, potentially affecting thousands of tenants, according to lawsuits.
  • San Francisco
A company that provides affordable housing for people with special needs is looking to Moreno Valley for its first development of independent living homes.
  • Riverside
A national 2008 Consumer Complaint Survey Report indicates a significant increase in tenant complaints including unhealthy or unsafe conditions, failure to make repairs or provide promised amenities, deposit and rent disputes, and illegal eviction tactics.
A judge clarifies that a temporary restraining order she issued against East Palo Alto earlier this week only barred the city council from discussing a rent control law at a particular meeting, rather than on an ongoing basis.
  • San Mateo
Seniors speak at a Jackson City Council meeting pleading for an extension to the city's rent control law for mobile homes.
  • Amador
An owner of a mobile home park in Pacific Palisades wants to convert the park spaces from rental units to condominiums. A majority of the residents oppose conversion.
  • Los Angeles
An initiative that would establish rent control and offer ownership of condo conversions at a Fillmore mobile home park will go before voters in a special election.
  • Ventura

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