Legislative Endorsements

Tenants Together Legislative Endorsements 2019


SB 18 (Skinner): SUPPORT

  • SB 18 would (a) require annual online publication of landlord-tenant rights manual on the DCA website, (b) repeal the sunset date for protections for tenants in foreclosed properties, and (c) expand funding for legal assistance programs.  


SB 329 (Mitchell)SUPPORT

  • SB 329 expands the definition of “source of income” under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). If enacted, SB 329 would prohibit landlords from discriminating against tenants who rely upon housing assistance, such as a Section 8 voucher, to help pay the rent. 


AB 701 (Weber): SUPPORT

  • AB 701 requires the Department of Corrections to provide $5,000 to any person exonerated of a crime and released, for the purposes of securing housing, and on-going housing assistance for up to 4 years.  Providing housing assistance to previously encarcerated individuals who were exonerated helps alleviate some of the hardship in obtaining/maintaining housing and creating long-term stability. 


AB 705 (Stone): SUPPORT

  • AB 705 would prevent the closure of mobilehome parks, unless adequate protections were put in place for the existing residents.  Mobile homes provide essential housing for low- and moderate-income Californians. Real estate speculators may seek to gain windfall profits by closing parks and converting them to alternate uses, especially where mobile parks are rent controlled. AB 705 would require detailed mitigation plans and government review before such closures are approved.  


AB 1232 (Gloria): SUPPORT

  • AB 1232 would require recipients of energy efficient low-income weatherization funds to maintain the housing for low-income residents for a specified period.  This is only fair. Landlords should not be able to obtain government funding to make improvements that are conditioned on their having low-income tenants, and then turn around and cease providing the housing to low-income tenants. We are disappointed that the period of the bill was reduced from 20 to 10 years. While we continue to support the bill, we caution against any further reduction of this period, and may need to revisit our support if the applicable period is further reduced.


AB 1279 (Bloom): SUPPORT

  • AB 1279 takes on exclusionary zoning to expand rental housing opportunities in California.  We commend the sponsors and author for addressing this issue in a way that will not undermine California’s most vulnerable communities. 


SB 50 (Weiner): OPPOSE

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