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Hello I have only been a resident of vallejo for 9 years, 7 at my present address. My present landlord purchased these apts. 2 years ago has raised the rent once, last Aug. by 10% but wants to raise it again in April. She has given me advance notice within legal limits but wants a 30% increase...$320 to be exact from my current rent of $880. What I find disconcerting is that no one else has received notice...I know because I talked to my neighbor nextdoor. Vallejo needs rent control for people like myself who only have their SSD to live on. I can afford another 10% but another 30? 

Apartment Group Says Sacramento City Council May Take Up Rent Control Ordinance

Sacramento’s escalating rents could result in the City Council enacting a rent control ordinance, possibly to head off a rent control ballot measure that could appear before voters in November.

The California Apartment Association posted an item on its website this week saying Mayor Darrell Steinberg would introduce such an ordinance for a vote as soon as next Tuesday’s City Council meeting, or at the meeting on June 19.

Sacramento Mayor Calls Possible Rent Control Measure 'A Threat'

Mayor Darrell Steinberg came out Thursday against an effort to put rent control on the ballot in Sacramento this November.

“Their initiative is a threat,” Steinberg said. “If it got on the ballot and it passed, I think that would be a problem.”

Housing advocates and labor groups have been gathering signatures to put a renter protections measure in front of voters this fall.

Santa Ana Activists Begin Push To Put Rent Control on November Ballot

A coalition of activist groups gathered on the steps of Santa Ana city hall to kick off a campaign to bring rent control to the city. Frustrated by a lack of support from council members, Tenants United Santa Ana (Tú Santa Ana) filed an ordinance with the city clerk yesterday afternoon following a rally. If successful, the campaign aimed at the November ballot would make Santa Ana the first city in Orange County to establish broad rent control regulations.

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