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Hello my name is Jondeshia and this is my story I wrote to the ceres courier almost a year ago and still havent found a place.

Tenants not offered much to relocate to new homes

Jul 6, 8:38 a.m.



Tenants and their supporters rallied in front of 1049 Market Street on November 12, demanding that landlord John Gall withdraw eviction notices for the building. Gall wants to convert residentially occupied units at 1049 Market to offices, a move that would displace tenants and reverse progress toward revitalizing Mid-Market. It’s the residents who keep the street alive after office workers leave, which is why the city is trying to increase housing in the area.


To keep it simple, I was living in a 4 bed 2 bath home with an office for 9 years. My 11 yr daughter and I only. I was lied to and never allowed to sign a written agreement. I was never allowed receipts to the rent i paid monthly. I only spoke and dealt with rental agent whom I learned raised the rent on me years ago without home owners knowlege. I received a 3 day notice of terminiation of tenancy 1 week before default judgment took place on august 2, 2018 with no reasons why.

Menlo Park Ordinance in Works to Make Landlords Assist Displaced Renters

Menlo Park is in the process of developing an ordinance that, if passed, could require landlords who evict tenants without cause or impose rent increases over a certain level to give cash to those displaced.

While the city's Housing Commission discussed the terms of such a potential ordinance on Aug. 8, it left some matters still unresolved. The plan is to conduct public outreach before the matter is brought to the City Council, according to Clay Curtin, interim housing and economic development manager.

Tenants Say Portland's Renter Relocation Protections Aren't Enough

Just over a month ago, affordable housing advocates applauded Portland City Council for passing a new, "emergency" policy that would require landlords pay tenants between $2,900 and $4,500 in moving expenses under certain circumstances. The policy, which applies to any tenant who receives a no-cause eviction or faces a rent hike of 10 percent or more, is meant to act as a buffer to keep tenants from slipping into homelessness after a rental shakeup.

But a recent apartment sale has tenants telling the city it's not enough.

City OKs Renter Protections

In an effort to ease burdens on renters amidst the ongoing housing crisis, the Redwood City Council unanimously passed two renter protection ordinances requiring landlords to offer minimum lease terms, and in certain circumstances, help pay for the relocation of displaced low-income tenants.

Emotions ran high at the contentious Monday meeting at which nearly 40 speakers weighed in on the ordinances. Supporters celebrated them as small steps toward stability in an unstable housing market, while detractors saw the measures as forms of property control.

Oakland Move-Out Agreements Must Now Disclose Tenants' Rights

A new ordinance requires Oakland landlords to tell tenants their rights before paying or giving them other compensation to move out.

The ordinance, approved by the City Council on Feb. 6, aims to regulate so-called “move out” agreements that are often done to circumvent state and local legal requirements and restrictions. It requires landlords to submit the agreements to the city’s rent adjustment program.

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