Santa Monica

People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER)

People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER) has been organizing low-income tenants to fight for affordable housing in Westside Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley since 1999. By training grassroots leaders to work together, we have stopped hundreds of unfair evictions, prevented the loss of public, Section 8, and other affordable housing, and created over $100 million of new affordable housing resources in the neighborhoods where we organize.


I am currently trying to get carpeting replaced in my apartment. Without my knowledge, the landlord entered my apartment and took photos of the carpeting. Is that within his rights?


Santa Monica City Attorney's advise, City Council and the Rent Control Board vote "illegally" to convert 38 rent controlled Apartments in a residential zone into a full-scale hotel with valet parking and restaurant.


thank you for taking the time to read this I have been living in this complex for over 25 years. We just got an Ellis act Eviction notice. the new owners bought this place just so they could ellis it and we believe evict us and build Condos. We are looking for anyway we can fight to stay!

Law Office of Mark B. Palmer

Mark Palmer has been a private attorney since 1984. He has operated his own firm, the Law Office of Mark B. Palmer, since 1994, representing tenants only. Mark Palmer represents both commercial and residential tenants in unlawful detainer actions (eviction cases), lease reviews, security deposit disputes, and rent control matters. He was even featured on the KNX-AM Business Hour in Los Angeles as an expert in tenants’ rights.


So I rented this place with a roommate. and after having some disputes with her, she started lying and distorting my personal life to the landlord! Now the landlord refuses to renew my lease, AND is keeping my deposit!! When I try to confront the landlord, she calls me a liar for trying to explain things. I was served a 30 day notice for breaching the lease, even though the roommate breached the lease AND I'm liable for ANY damage throughout the apartment even though my roommate and I signed different leases.

Santa Monicans for Renters Rights

SMRR won rent control in 1979. It has fought since then to protect renters and all residents of Santa Monica. It is a membership organization, with democratic decision making. It's been active in local elections and won progressive majorities on the SM City Council for all but 4 of those years. It's always kept a majority on Santa Monica's elected Rent Board. SMRR also coalesces on statewide renter and affordable housing issues.

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