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On 08-01-08 I moved into a back house, of a two house remodel. I let the landlord know that I wanted to build a deck and do home improvements. She and her relative Alex did not have any issues that they told me about. When in the later months around October or November I mentioned I wanted to get a roommate nothing was indicated that it would be an issue. I let the landlord know. I was suppose to get a garage door opener and never received one. My truck would not easily fit in the garage so I put my desk and computer in the garage and just used it in the garage.

Housing Opportunities Collaborative

Housing Opportunities Collaborative mission is β€œto promote equal access to housing for all persons in the region, especially low income and underprivileged individuals and families, by educating the public concerning home ownership and landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities, seeking financial and capacity building resources, providing financial and other resources, monitoring compliance with housing related laws, and conducting related activities.”


i am 86 yrs old, disabled. my son, 58 yrs. old, lives here and is my caregiver.
Our combined annual income is under $20,000/yr. Our family assists us with rental payments.
We have been registered with the San Diego Housing Assn. for 4 yrs. for Section 8 housing.
have no complaints with landlord. have lived here for 21 yrs.


-Management had tenant stay nextdoor to me who had gangraped a mutual friend after not working for two or three months and coming and going in and out of my apartment when I had my back-door open to air out the place or was inside my apartment and had the front door unlocked.

-Stabbing of a tenant occured with crack gang that had not been convicted by police (left a dead rat for awhile on utility box to make matters worse so neighbors couldn't really call police)

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