What's up with these landlords?
We've got to do something.
We have so many problems, I can't think straight. They gave me these rags to wash with. They doing a rehab and put me in a "hotel" unit on the property. They looked at me like I was nuts when I asked if they would use this on their face. The guy says, "it's washed". I looked at my neighbors towels and they looked like new. Then they tell me I shouldn't expect new towels, which I didn't.


I've just been told that the house has been sold. Now my drug addicted landlord is trashing the place,steeling power from PG&E & still expects rent so he can suport his drug habbit.I believe he ma have forged my name to try to prolong eviction.I am self employed 55 year old mechanic who struggles daily with back pain & I barely make end meet.What can I do in this terrible situation that me & my little dog are in. PLEASE HELP me


After 15 years of renting in the same location our landlord is threatening us with eviction proceedings if we do not get rid of our family pet (a single cat). We got the cat 4 months ago as a service animal after my daughters therapist suggested it could be helpful to combat her increasing anxiety.


I've been in my apartment for ten years. We've had many managers in the ten years.
The building will be sold to an affordable housing corp. one of the biggest in the county.
They are evicting many residents. I can see the reasons and understand. However, I feel this manager is looking for ways to lease violate residents.
The restrictions on individuals have been unnecessary, but it's ok according to HUD, and just about all the community service providers.
I can't seem to get any help.
I never had any lease violations prior to three years ago.

Petaluma People Services

At Petaluma People Services Center (PPSC) our goal is to reduce poverty, physical and mental abuse, chemical dependence, violence, ignorance, isolation and mental illness, among children, adults, families and seniors.

PPSC offers:

  • counseling
  • job placement
  • gang prevention
  • daily hot meals
  • rides to the doctor
  • case management
  • financial assistance for homeless prevention
  • informational and referrals

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