I moved into Heron Pointe with the expectation of living in a luxury apartment. But until this day it has not happened. The floor on my kitchen has not been fixed in living here almost two years. My bathroom sinks were both rusted, they have installed one new sink and I am still waiting on the second sink, besides there are cigarette stains all over the counter.


i just recently had my home burn on monday 6-15-15 due to the slumlord that i have/had. he told me from the day that i was going to move in on sep 1 2014 that there were some issues with the home including electrical problems, we continuesly told owner Sonny Wing Chan that we needed to have this issue fixed and he kepted saying he would send someone out but never did, unfortunatley i never called code enforcement, because i was scared of getting kicked out with 7 children.


My roommates and I moved out of our rental house at the beginning of July 2014. We received our security deposit but were not able to deposit it for a few weeks. When we finally deposited it I received a call from the bank saying the check did not go through due to insufficient funds. I emailed my landlord and requested a new check be sent right away. She sad she had cancelled the check but failed to notify us about it. She said we should be receiving our check by the end of October. By the end of October we still had not received our security deposit.


Hello my name is Eric salgado im 32 years old im a former marine and disabled veteran. I am 100% disabled and ive been harassed by the manager and was given an eviction notice on the fifth of September. I did not pay my rent because they did not inform me that the apartment above mine had its roof collapse. There is water damage visible through my ceiling. I had a dog that kept me sane and they threatened to evict me because of that too. I got my referral from the va hospital stating that my dog is my therapy dog.


Mutiple evictions from new managment. Nickle and dimeing tenants with threat of eviction. Safety issues. Many spanish speaking only are discriminated.


Hello , My husband and I are in need of some advice or legal services regarding the place we rented . We rented an apartment that is a converted garage we were charged 1st ,last & security with $100 of it nonrefundable we also pay 1/2 of utilities & trash the owners agent who lives in the house pays the other 1/2 . Well we moved in to the apartment and lived in it about 1 month when the city came and said the apartment was an illegal conversion, built without permits which we were not aware of and apparently it was not legal for the owner to rent it out .

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities administers the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) when they receive funding. The EFSP offers one month's rent or mortgage payment, and/or one month's utility bill for qualified residents of Fresno County.

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