Shown house by agent of hOmes of Bakersfield in the evening very dark out, House was nice on inside and pool was lit by pool light all other lights out, agent told us the house we had app. On down the street would not be ready when snyivipated but this house was available and ready to move in immediately and I have multiple medical conditions that the pool and spa could help according to my Dr. Do eevswitched our app to this house, Boy do i regret that decision. We moved into the home from hell. The day we moved in was first time we got a good look at the exterior of home.


I moved into the property and gave them a list of things to be repaired from he walk though and was charged for some of the things that were already broken when I moved into he property and some of them are still broke and I was charged to have them repaired. I took pictures of some of the items I was charged for. The new tenant let me in to look at them.


Well I have a leak in the roof in my laundry room which is a new adddition they added before I rented, anyways I touched by the leak and the dry wall just gave way, and I noticed mold. So I called a roofer to come out to tell me the exact damage and cost because my landlord would just sent a maintance guy and patch it , which I can tell they have done before. The roofer told me the whole roof where the new additions are had to be replaced.


been living with someone over a year he has decided to move out didnt give me any notice just tells me hes moving i have less then 30 days to move im not on the rental agreement and he is being a jerk about the situation im currently unemployed with no vehicle so i am having a hard time because it is hard to move that fast he said he can get me out fast because he will just file a restraining order and have me thrown out what can i do ?


I have been renting the same home for 3 years now. The owners never told us that they were in default on the house. I got the Notice of Trustee Sale back in December of 2008. Every month I go and see what is happening at the auction site. Everytime it keeps getting postponed and now it is being postponed because they filed bankruptcy on it. We still pay the rent because we were told until it is sold then it still belongs to them. I am angry because they are still late on their payments and have not paid their taxes on the house since 12/2008.


Hello, my name is Donna, and I need some advice or info on my rights as a mobile home owner.
My situation is lengthy in detail so I will only disclose the immediate issues. If you have questions then I would be glad to answer.

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